Mazawattee  Cocoa


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Cocoa-Sample-Tin , 19?? 
( B:3,5cm x T:1,5cm x H:5,5cm )



Vorder- und Rückseite
front and back

Rechte und linke Seite
left and right side
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  • The Story Of Mazawattee Tea
    James, Diana

    Mazawattee Tea - the name is still remembered in letters to the media and may even be found quoted in Nelson Mandela's recent autobiography. The once famous founding company, the Mazawattee Tea Company, was a seminal influence in the tea trade, and a parent to many Edwardian enterprises.
    Diana James has a family connection with this once great tea company - her great-grandfather founded the firm in the mid 1860s. From then until the Second World War, Mazawattee head office on Tower Hill, London, pioneered production and packaging of this noble beverage.
    The Story of Mazawattee Tea effortlessly charts the dramatic rise and fall of a great tea empire, providing a unique, idiosyncratic and rare insight into a remarkable British institution that is no more, but lives on in loving memory. It is lavishly illustrated in black-and-white and colour with historic photographs and examples of Mazawattee promotional memorabilia, now desirable collectables.

    Paperback. 65pp. 15cm by 21cm. ISBN 185821453X.
    Original Price £10.00. Pentland Press
    Price: £2.99 at 

  • Mazawattee Tea Company Factory
    London - Lewisham - New Cross
    "...An interesting building on the Elizabeth Industrial Estate is the old Mazawattee Tea Company factory, which produced chocolate and cocoa from 1901 to 1955. The large tower is unfortunately not there now but a smaller one still remains on this rather fanciful building...."
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  • Explore Sri Lanka - The Story of Ceylon Tea  
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  • The Sunday Times Plus Section - "Care for a cup of Mazawattee?" 
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