Christies's Biscuits
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  ( D: 12.5cm x H: 17cm) - Netto Inhalt 10 Ounzes
very old Cheese wafers tin, about ?? - net content 10 ozs

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Armin Konrad

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"...William Mellis Christie -- a man who changed the course of the Baking Industry -- came to Canada from Huntley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland at the age of 19 in the year 1848. He had apprenticed to the baking business in Turriff, Aberdeenshire for four years and, finding the prospects of the economy too limited, decided to move to Toronto where he worked as a baker. In September of 1849 a partnership was formed by James Mathers and Alexander Brown with William Christie as an assistant Baker and Traveling Salesman.
When Mr. Mathers retired in 1850, Alexander Brown took William Christie into the partnership. In 1853, Alexander Brown retired to the country and left the business with William Christie. In 1861, Christie suffered financial setbacks and Brown returned to the business which then adopted the name Christie, Brown & Company. On February 11, 1878, Mr. Brown retired for the second time and the business was purchased by William Christie.
Mr. Christie built his business on the premise that customers deserved a quality product with the best of ingredients. In 1876, William Christie attended the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition with samples of his biscuits and returned with silver and bronze medals. This was just the first of many trips to exhibitions and fairs and Mr. Christie soon became known throughout the country for his high quality of biscuits.
When the son of William Christie, Robert J. Christie, took over the business in 1900, this company had grown from one using less than 50 barrels of flour a week to one using 160 barrels of flour, one and one-half tons of butter and lard, and thousands of eggs every working day.
During this time, the bakery had moved from a small rented shop on Yonge Street to a building on Francis Street and then to a building that, after several extensions, encompassed the entire city block at King and Frederick Streets in Toronto. At this bakery, then modern techniques were used to mix the dough and pass it from one machine to another and then to a reel oven where one revolution baked the cookies. Christie Brown remained at the King Street location until 1950 when a new bakery was opened at our present location on Lakeshore Blvd.
The business, under the direction of William Christie, expanded to the point where Christie, Brown & Company employed approximately 375 people by the turn of the century and had offices in Montreal as well as Toronto. Deliveries were made to all parts of Canada.
All this time, William Christie continued to insist on honesty and integrity among his employees. He is known to have told one of his young clerks never to tell the smallest lie, even if it was to save dollars for the firm. In a profile of Christie Brown & Company printed in "Industries of Canada" in 1886, it is written that "Mr. Christie can now look back to an honorable business career of 34 years, and know that he has won the esteem of his fellow-citizens for his sterling worth and honorable dealing."
In 1928, the capital stock of Christie, Brown and Company was purchased by the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) which is a U.S. based company.
During the years, Christie Brown & Co. continued to prosper and in 1982, Christie Brown merged with Standard Brands and now operates as
Christie Brown & Co., Division of Nabisco Ltd which is a subsidiary of RJR Nabisco Inc in the U.S. As of January, 1986 Christie Brown & Co. and Associated Biscuits of Canada integrated. Christie Brown now operates five Biscuit Bakeries in Toronto and Montreal, producing such well known products as Oreo, Premium Crackers and Ritz; Peek Frean Fruit Cremes; Dad's Oatmeal, David Strawberry Tarts and Harnois Winsor cookies. Christie's have approximately 2,500 employees in these bakeries and sales offices across Canada.
On February 15, 1988 a deal was finalized with Interbake Foods for the purchase of Red Oval Farms Products such as Stoned Wheat Thins...."

"...In 2000 Kraft Foods' parent company Philip Morris Companies Inc. acquires Nabisco Holdings, a world leader in cookies, crackers and snacks. The Nabisco brands are integrated into the Kraft Foods business worldwide..."
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